Over the last few decades, the world has become considerably smaller.The development of communications and travel has meant that no part of the world is ever too far or too remote to be reached by modern day man.However, no matter how big the gap between two points of communication is, no matter how complicated the route, it all starts with a simple connection.




Frontlynk is all about connections, and ‘Bridging Gaps’ is our business.


We connect products to each other via our versatile range of connectors.


We connect to people with our reliable and flexible approach to business.




 Frontlynk connects to its people

The Frontlynk team has been in this business long enough to realize that when it comes to being unique, a product such as a connector is simply not enough.Undeniably, the quality and range of our products are an important element of our proposition. However, what makes our customers come back to Frontlynk again and again lies in our company culture.



We are certainly not the biggest supplier in the world, neither are we the most famous. This is what makes our strength; We are the young and energetic team from Taiwan that is ready to try that little be harder, ready to be that little bit more flexible to match our clients’ needs, just to remain on the map and make ourselves heard in this crowded market.



With a ‘can-do’ attitude, Frontlynk management and staff alike treat each business opportunity with the type of open mind and flexibility that ever increasing customized requirements deserve. Furthermore, we realize that repeat business can only be achieved by getting it right every time, in an atmosphere of trust and honesty.