The Research & Design department has dedicated and professional R&D teams that directly work with the clients, thus avoid the waste of precious time.

From designing and testing of prototypes are all carefully monitored and recorded. 2D and 3D software are used in drafting and design. The certification of design is conducted using different instruments such as network analyzer, retention tester, salt spray tester, and torque limiting diver.

Depending on the need, we can work with academia and write programs for simulations such as calculation the length of bending contact, calculation of crimping tools, and impedance calculation, within the time given by the clients. If necessary, we will also introduce FMEA (Failure Model Effects Analysis) in order to avoid compromising the reliability of a given product due to the defects in its design.



Continuous Innovation

Our R&D team is highly professional, with well-balanced agility, enthusiasm, and experience.
This enables us to provide our customers with great quality products at bargain prices.

Education & Training

Education takes a lot of time and effort, but training people is one of the most urgent task. In order to meet the changes in production, sales, and technology, allow sustainable management, and extend the business life, to train and develop the needed human resources. Thus, we place are very important a tremendous emphases on education and training. We wish to strengthen all of our employees’ professional skills through education and training so they can work together to face the future challenges.

On-the-job training

Besides complete pre-job training given by the managers, new employees also receive education/training during actual practice.Relevant educational materials are also provided to the employees in order for them to acquire the valuable experience and correct knowledge, to become familiar with their work, and to achieve technical break-through.

Technical alliance

We cooperated with academia, to regularly come to our company to teach the fundamentals, design, production, and management regarding RF/Microwave, so our employees can work more effectively. It is also fortunate that we have the opportunity to work with world-class companies to share our experiences in the aspects of design principles and cast making.


Besides the above two methods, we also encourage our employees to receive training in external organizations for work-related topics. These locations include NCKU, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Incubator center at Tainan Science Park, and China Production Center.

Talented people are the best resources of Frontlynk, so we put emphasis on education and training.